Love Knows No Race Interracial Couples Are a Symbol of Beauty

Interracial dating is where a man/woman dates from a different race than his or her own. Let’s be honest here, do you think that love limits itself to whatever race or colour? For many years countries all over the world have been affected by racism and tribalism, I believe that with the increase in interracial dating and marriage we will produce a generation that doesn’t care about their race and therefore completely face out racism which is the major beauty of interracial relationships.

When you meet a man or a woman it should not matter what their race is because if they respect and have pure love for you then you have it all composed together. After all, love is a feeling and it can grow and be felt by different people of different cultures if you are able to release your limiting blocks.

There are families that do not welcome the interracial couples to-date and I think it’s because the society is not willing to understand that these couples fall in love naturally like all other relationships. Love knows no race it happens to anyone from anywhere as long as you are open-minded. Why should you deny yourself love from a person just because they aren’t of your race?

I would say that although there are many stereotypes about this kind of relationships the people in it are often not concerned about it. This is because when you are in love you have much more to care about than just what other people think in fact you are forced to develop a thick skin so as to protect your marriage.

For those of you who still believe that you have to date within your race, I am sorry but you are totally misled because love doesn’t dictate that you have to find a black/white/Asian man so as to be in love. Love is a feeling, it knows no skin colour it just attracts an equal feeling and its sweet within or outside the race.

Generally, interracial couples are a symbol of beauty because of the cultural difference. Every culture is beautiful in a way and when two people who are from different races come together to marry one another they mingle the cultures and come up with one beautiful culture of their own.

Furthermore, who doesn’t love the product of interracial marriage-the children? They are so beautiful with a mixture of both colours and fine hair. We stop to turn heads at the sight of such kids every time. In fact, the handsome 44th president of America was a product of such a relationship, wouldn’t you want such?

You see, the children born of this marriage tend to carry the best genetic composition of both races which make them come up with one talented, beautiful or intelligent person.


Does it really matter what other people think? What are you most afraid of? the stares, societal stereotypes and beliefs? Remember, whether you marry on your race or outside, human beings will always have something to say. If an interracial relationship is what you have found go for it fully and make it work because it’s the beauty of love that makes the world a better place to be. Choose a different race if you wish because love doesn’t limit itself to races.

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