White Guys Guide to Dating Black Girls

Black white dating sparks a lot of reaction from society, mainly negative. Despite the fact that the number of people dating other races keeps increasing, black white dating represents the smallest percentage (11.9%).  There is a common assumption that black girls love white guys which is not always the case. Today, we share the perfect guide for white guys dating black girls.

Learn to see her as an individual

Remember all those stereotypes you grew up hearing about black people? Drop them once you start dating a black girl. Black white dating isn’t always in black and white, no pun intended. There is a lot that you have to learn, as demands any interracial relationship. Never assume that black girls love white guys and think it will all be rosy. Never say to her face that you thought “blacks do/do not do this.” She is an individual, with a name as a matter of fact, which is not “blacks.” Always remember that black people do not behave the same.

Prepare to become preyed on

By being “preyed on” I do not mean that more people will want to be with you for dating a black girl. Far from it. I mean that you have just become partially black yourself. Racists will not only attack your girl but also attack you for dating her. People will say’ “how can you date her”, to your face. Learn to deal with it, mostly by ignoring them.

Speak out for her

If you want to keep her, stand up for her whenever someone tries to throw racial BS at her. It would be rude to stand and watch her being insulted. In case you suspect that saying something will lead to violence, hold her hand and lead her out of the scene. Remember to comfort her. If you just stand there and stare, she will feel that you support the racist sentiments and your relationship will be doomed henceforth.

Ask yourself why you want to date a black girl

Before black white dating, ask yourself why you want to date a black girl.

If you love your women curvy, which most black girls are, this is not reason enough.

Do you want mixed race children? They look good, right? Still not reason enough.

Do you want to try something different from the usual with a black girl hoping that it will last? It will fall apart before it begins if this is your reason.

Date her because you love something or many things in her. Date her because she is your kind of woman. Your dream woman if you are daring enough to dream. If you love independent women who have a solid vision for the future and this is her that is reason enough.

Be prepared for differences

You weren’t brought up in the same way, and disagreements are bound to arise. If they are too threatening, look for common ground. Know each other likes and dislikes and find a way to work through them. Remember that the issue of race will always come up. How you handle it determines how far you will go.

These five tips are the most important for white guys dating black girls. Basically, all a girl wants in black white dating is to be seen as an individual. Statements like you are different are not compliments. They are racist comparisons of an individual to race.

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